Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beauty In Eyes & Soul

I stared into those brownish black eyes which were directly penetrating my soul with an intense look. I questioned them “What is beauty to you?”

The reply comes in calm soothing manner, “Beauty is the timeless soul wrapped beneath this skin, and it is not what I see but what I feel in the deepest part of my heart.”

My devil mind cracked a smile while listening to such a cherubic answer. I was still wearing a serious face and slowly tilt my head towards my left. Raised my eyebrows and said “Seriously! That is what beauty for you?’ I mean you don’t want to look beautiful in eyes of people or world but for your soul? Who can see that in you!? When you are all rugged with dirt of work?”

“I work for myself and not for the people or the world. I don’t want to look beautiful for few moments where I have to smile tirelessly. I know and I believe that I look radiantly beautiful when I am at peace with myself. Nothing in this world can buy that in a pair of those killer pointed stilettos or those dresses for specific occasions, bags, accessories and what not you mention!!!”

 I let out a long deep sigh, “Yup! You are just impossible!!! How can you live like that?”

She smiled gracefully and said “I live it as I want to and you are living it as you want. So what’s the problem in that? Why do you feel so frustrated every time seeing me? Am I harming you in any way that I am unaware of? If so then pardon me for such impoliteness.”

I closed my eyes and screamed to let out my building frustration. Then slowly exhaling air in the rhythm of seconds calmed myself down and opened my eyes. I looked straight into her eyes and said “Now this is what I don’t like about you! This habit of yours irritates me to no end! You always suppress your feelings with sugar-coated words sounding just like those… those peace idols or those beauty pageant contestants. Why hide your true self?”

“I do not in fact it’s just that I am side-lined not that I mind but spotlight always makes me nervous. The truth is you know I am right, you are just afraid to admit it. That’s why you are so frustrated in yourself and seek refuge in looking beautiful in eyes only. If I were to prove what I am saying is true, its proof lies in your behavior and that’s your pure denial.”

I threw my hands up in the air with dismay “Whatever! I just don’t want to talk to you again! You can go where ever you want to go with that… that philosophy of yours!”

“As you wish my dear but I know for sure you will be back to me soon. No matter where you go, run or hide you shall ultimately reach out to me at the end as you find peace in me!”

Covering both my ears and pretending not to hear a single word I yell “LAA! LA!! LA!! LAAA!!! LA! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!!” Witnessing such childish behavior of mine she smiled gently as how a mother would her child throws tantrums!

I yawned shamelessly then searching for her eyes. I burst out laughing and she followed my suit. We looked at each other laughing so hard just like when two buddies do after a childish fight. A tear swelled up my right eye and my stomach started to pain out of non-stop laughter. I stretched out myself and we both smiled. Scratched my head said to the girl standing other side of the mirror “Come on! Enough of acting for today! Get back to work! Clean! Clean!! Clean!!!” 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Reason To Smile

“No matter how defeated you are in life, one must not lose the reason to smile. As eyes are window to the soul, your smile is reflection of the feelings of the soul or rather the confidence you wear every day, is your own true smile.”


Friends have always been close to my heart, I am not the kind of people who speaks her mind but I am a thinker than to do things for real. But heart is fragile as ever to do the right honors. I question myself at times have I done enough? Have I done everything in my power to do everything I can? Questioning yourself doesn't give you concrete or fixed answers every time, but it sure does changes with the situations which lay ahead. Questioning yourself gives you inner answers and insights which you might have missed in daylight of hectic schedule of reasoning.

There are various reasons to smile, what gives me the reason to smile is my friends, my family and the love which I have, knowingly or unknowingly to myself. The reason to smile is only love that I feel for my dear ones. A smile from heart rivals with the smile to impress or to allure favors to do for. But in the end nothing can beat a smile of a small child with innocence, a smile without a sign of worry in the world! To be able to smile care freely is a desire to be fulfilled and the desire to be happy as in the world where we live in. We seek several things in life and in this world but most important of all that we seek is true happiness. It can be in various forms, in my case it’s in form of love.

All I can say is THANK YOU & LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart.

 Gracias Amigos!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Deep down in my heart,
Resonates a feeling...
Strong yet soft,
Warm but calm.

I can hear...
A faint yet familiar,
Melody that...
I had long forgotten.

A Melody that...
Reaches my ears,
Touches my soul &
Engulfs my heart.

So pure that cannot be...
Tarnished by time!!!
Filled with passion & beauty
Born in its very existence!

A feeling transcending time,
Reminded by mesmerizing melody.
Awakening the sleeping emotions,
It is melody of love.

 P.S. : Inspired by beautiful love songs 'Tum Hi Ho' from Aashiqui 2, 'Mera Mann Kehne Laga Hai' from Nautanki Saala and obviously feelings of LOVE born from the beautiful world around me...(*_*)...!!! 
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